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We assist our customers in improving their efficiency and reducing the development lifecycles through Cloud & DevOps practices.

4 steps of your software development journey

01 Analysis

Begin your partnership journey with Timeline Technology Solutions by defining the solution that would meet the demands and create an added value. We always make sure that chosen solution and its complexity are exactly what you need. Don't have a specific idea? Our talented software engineers are always up to help you on your software development journey.

02 Design

We pay a thorough attention to each detail of your project and make sure it's carefully drafted in a blueprint before a single line of code is written to ensure their accordance to priory agreed project's architecture.

03 Delivery

We ensure the on-time delivery of the projects and keep you involved on every stage of the development. Our software engineers implement all necessary requirements to make sure that delivered project meets all of your needs. We take care of the project's smooth implementation to always exceed your expectations.

04 Support

With the continued partnership with us, we keep taking care of your project even after delivery stage. We ensure accurate, timely and thoughtful support whenever a need may arise.


Catch is a new entrant into the East African ride-hailing industry that prioritizes safety, comfort and efficiency. Catch aims to bring the latest technology and thinking to the taxi business and revolutionize the industry by improving services for both riders and drivers.

Project description

Catch faced a need to create a flexible app that would provide the most cost-effective taxi service available in East Africa.

Value delivered

Catch Taxi app provides with an opportunity to choose from a wide range of vehicles with the best local rates through Lada Service or get an access to additional features and comfort via Easy Service.

Catch Taxi

OFWpro is a one-stop site and mobile app for recruiters to find great Filipino workers.

Project description

An objective of OFWpro was to create a website and mobile application that would ease the communication between job seekers and recruiters.

Value delivered

The designed solution lets its users to easily sign up, setup a unique profile and apply for their dream jobs in a matter of 10 minutes. An easy-to-use system also lets recruiters to find profiles that meet their requirements and connect with potential employees.

Project description

RECTA is a multi-user platform that enables to track the projects using advanced management features. It's created to assist various teams within an organization to interact with each other seamlessly. RECTA's rich execution enables departments to gather and smoothly manage clients' requests and use all of its add-ons to deliver the exceptional results.

Project description

Civility is a school management information system developed by Timeline Technology Solutions for learning institutions. Civility was brought by the need to better manage data for students, teachers and other school representatives.

Civility provides multiple capabilities and is used at the stage of student's initial enrolment. An app then expands its capacities by grading and keeping the track on the scores throughout student's learning journey.

Civility uses data analysis and AI to cover a wide range of data, enable an access to class schedules, and identify learning gaps that may arise in the future.

Catch Taxi

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