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Civility is a school management information system developed by Timeline Technology Solutions for learning institutions. Civility was brought by the need to better manage data for students, teachers and other school representatives.

Civility provides multiple capabilities and is used at the stage of student's initial enrolment. An app then expands its capacities by grading and keeping the track on the scores throughout student's learning journey.

Civility uses data analysis and AI to cover a wide range of data, enable an access to class schedules, and identify learning gaps that may arise in the future.

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Sign up as a student, teacher, principal or parent and get an access to customised features that meet all of your needs.


Stay in touch with teachers or other school representatives for an up-to-date personal feedback.


Keep an eye on attendance both as a student or a parent to track and adjust the learning performance.


Easily accessible records let you view and track the upcoming or already passed tests and homework.


Get an access to every class as a teacher or principal to view the lists of students and contact them if needed.


Track your performance as a teacher with a built-in indicator that showcases your performance, attendance and suggests the ways to improve them.


Looking for more? Our additional features include the list of upcoming events you can sign up for, an access to the library and an option to apply for the school leave and
pay your fees.

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