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Real estate industry needs to stay up-to-date with the fast-paced market by implementing innovative solutions to disrupt and improve the ways of managing residential and commercial property. Scroll down to find out how we can help.

Engineering services Improve customers' experience by developing tailored software that meets all of their needs. Control and manage the real estate assets, proceed with the purchases and stay easily accessible for your customers 24/7.
AI Use AI solutions to enhance the home search process, predict property market values and improve your customers' experience.

IoT Ease the process of buying, selling or renting properties and increase the value of real estate assets by implementing IoT solutions.


Project description

RECTA is a multi-user platform that enables to track the projects using advanced management features. It's created to assist various teams within an organization to interact with each other seamlessly. RECTA's rich execution enables departments to gather and smoothly manage clients' requests and use all of its add-ons to deliver the exceptional results.


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