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Supply chain and logistics industry is in need of finding the ways to improve operational efficiency and delivery services. Learn more on how to implement innovative solutions together with Timeline Technology Solutions.

IoT Implement IoT solutions such as temperature and humidity sensors to monitor supply-chain quality control
Machine learning Create machine learning solutions to increase efficiency and reduce human error in the warehouse order picking processes.
Cloud & DevOps Use cloud solutions to cut transaction costs, increase transparency and improve user experience in supply chain and logistics industry.


Ctrack is a global leader in keeping vehicles, fleets and their occupants visible through the use of vehicle tracking, fleet management and insurance telematics solutions.

Project description

Ctrack collaborated with Timeline Technology Solutions to enhance the existing tracking application by creating an interface which provides a real-time plotting of vehicles based on their location.

Value delivered

The resulting interface includes a theme-based dashboard with look and feel enhancements that enables users to add data fields to existing information and customize tabular reports. Ctrack Dashboard also provides a real-time tracking of vehicles via Google Maps.

Syrian Post Office effectively contributes to the economic, social and scientific development in the country through its long-term and essential services to the society.

Project description

Syrian Post Office met a need to digitalise and automate daily services, including all essential bill-paying services while remaining easily-accessible to the customers.

Value delivered

Syrian Post System automates a significant amount of routine manual work by enabling a user to view and manage online bills and e-post conveyances. After successfully proceeding with KYC (Know-Your-Customer), the Syrian Post enables a user to make essential transactions with an assistant of the Syrian Post Office employee. The system easily adds third-party service providers by providing them with necessary data via email or API integration.

To deliver an exceptional user experience, Timeline has also created a custom-made android app that enables to print out the receipts, scan fingerprints and IDs.


Catch is a new entrant into the East African ride-hailing industry that prioritizes safety, comfort and efficiency. Catch aims to bring the latest technology and thinking to the taxi business and revolutionize the industry by improving services for both riders and drivers.

Project description

Catch faced a need to create a flexible app that would provide the most cost-effective taxi service available in East Africa.

Value delivered

Catch Taxi app provides with an opportunity to choose from a wide range of vehicles with the best local rates through Lada Service or get an access to additional features and comfort via Easy Service.

Catch Taxi

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