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Impact of Fintech industry is undeniably enormous and demands constant changes. Enhance the performance and quality of financial operations to keep up with the fast-paced market and exceed your clients' expectations together with Timeline Technology Solutions.

IoT Create IoT solutions to ease experience using smart devices and ensure secure payments and information exchange within the fintech sector.

Experience Design Make the customers’ experience fast, pleasant and convenient with the help of digital services to increase their loyalty.

AI Simplify banking and finance with multiple algorithms using AI solutions. Handle customer queries with innovative AI solutions to deliver exceptional experience.


Tripple is a leading player in the UAE who's mission is to deliver efficient digital payments by building a trustworthy global payments ecosystem that enables financial inclusion, promotes sustenance and builds prosperity.

Project description

Tripple faced the need to develop an API to be consumed by third party clients to proceed with the top-ups, bill payments and remittances by using the aggregation platform as a channel and connecting the vendors and respective operator services.

Value delivered

Timeline Technology Solutions delivered a safe, secure, reliable and robust API that enables Tripple's aggregation system to assist in on-boarding of the new clients and set up the operators and billing information.

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