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Education industry is constantly in need of digital solutions to offer an exceptional learning experience. Read on to find out how to transform educational approaches together with Timeline Technology Solutions.

Cloud & DevOps Create virtual classrooms to provide with a paperless way to set up classes and courses and improve the learning efficiency using the latest cloud solutions.
IoT Use IoT solutions to gather data and personalise learning experience using wearable tracking devices.

AI Adjust learning based on an individual student’s particular needs and support learning process outside educational facility using AI solutions.


Project description

Civility is a school management information system developed by Timeline Technology Solutions for learning institutions. Civility was brought by the need to better manage data for students, teachers and other school representatives.

Civility provides multiple capabilities and is used at the stage of student's initial enrolment. An app then expands its capacities by grading and keeping the track on the scores throughout student's learning journey.

Civility uses data analysis and AI to cover a wide range of data, enable an access to class schedules, and identify learning gaps that may arise in the future.

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